BlueBalm (formerly Gen2 MuscleBalm)


This product was an experiment in commercial manufacture and regrettably, not all customers have found it as helpful as the original MuscleBalm product (now known as BlueBalm). Accordingly, the pricing for this product is a little less than my other products which continue to be hand-produced in small batches and this product is available only while stocks last. If this is your first purchase of this product I am happy to send your first pot out for you to try, and if it works well for you (about 60% of customers find it gives the same result as the original, but that’s 2 in 5 who are disappointed) then I will send your next order – or the balance of your order – with no shipping cost.

When you make a purchase you will contacted so actual postage can be calculated.

A blend of herbs and essential oils containing Aloe Vera, oils of Arnica, Cajuput, Eucalyptus, Tea Tree, Rosemary, Sassafras12 herbal extracts (Chinese & European) including White Willow Bark, St Johns Wort, Radix Notoginseng, Radix Clematis, Osbeck.  Assists with pain relief from muscular and joint problems. Many customers have advised of benefits for arthritis, rheumatism joint stiffness, varicose veins, tired aching legs, pain relief in neck and back, any area where pain relief is required, assists with RSI treatment.

BlueBalm is unique in that it does not create a heat type sensation as is the case with analgesic ointments, with BlueBalm there is a cool soothing effect on the affected areas. Most effective when used 3 times daily for 2-3 days then once daily before bedtime.

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